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Bridging business and technology through our innovative solutions

1Silverbullet is a client-centric B2B fintech firm. We aim at bringing together financial service providers and channel partners across the full breadth of industries, by accessing our standardized solutions through plug-and-play APIs. We enable companies to build the most consumer-friendly experiences by providing them with the tools they need to integrate a dynamic tech infrastructure into their platforms.

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Businesses who can use our services to
Increase Wallet share and Customer Retention

Businesses who can use our services to Increase Wallet share and Customer Retention

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Our Mission

1Silverbullet aims to change the way financial businesses work by creating a defacto global standard in a highly destandardized ecosystem. Our plug-and-play solutions optimize entry into insurance, lending as well as investment sectors for companies across industries. With scalable solutions and developer-friendly APIs, we hope to revolutionize the digital finance space by cutting through unnecessary costs and time consumption with our product.

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Founders talk

I have been forever fascinated with the immense scope of combining technology with finance. My earlier projects have made me realize the need to bridge digital financial solutions with user-friendly tools across industries, in my innings as a co-founder of Miles Software. My experience with 400,000+ users over the past two decades has led me to co-found 1Silverbullet, which I believe has the potential to revolutionize how people view the digital finance space once again.

Come Join us

We offer a workspace where teamwork, respect, and innovation are valued above all else. Changing the digital landscape is no easy task – but with a talented and experienced team hard at work, there are opportunities for people at all stages of their careers to join a growing venture to bridge accessibility with finance in exciting ways.