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Welcome to the Future of Fixed Deposits with 1Silverbullet!

At 1Silverbullet, we're at the forefront of a financial revolution, changing the way Fixed Deposits (FDs) are distributed and managed. Our secret weapon? An innovative API-first approach that is transforming the landscape of FDs. By tapping into FD issuers' APIs, we've designed a groundbreaking digital journey that empowers distributors to effortlessly distribute FDs for NBFCs and banks.
Our Fixed Deposit Gateway is your passport to a simpler and more efficient FD booking, renewals and withdrawal process. It's an all-in-one platform that streamlines the entire FD experience, making it easier than ever before. Whether you're a financial institution or a distributor, we're here to make your life easier and your business more competitive.

Our Key Features

A full stack API Platform

Are you ready to be a part of the future of Fixed Deposits? Join us in our journey, and let's shape the future together with our groundbreaking API-first approach. Experience the difference, embrace the ease, and reap the benefits of a financial landscape redefined by 1Silverbullet.

A Glimpse At Our Network

We have already tied up with a leading issuers as committed as us, towards building an accessible gateway to the digital financial infrastructure.

Cut through the Challenges of the
Fixed Deposit Ecosystem with 1Silverbullet

Cut through the Challenges of the Insurance Ecosystem with 1Silverbullet

Time to Market
Time to Market
We compress the time required to go live with high availability, auto scaling and load balancing available on our platforms, using dedicated support and sandbox. Our platform is highly configurable, and consists of E2E API build, integration & maintenance by 1Sb. This provides a seamless path from the broker to the insurance.
Expands Distribution Footprint
Expands Distribution Footprint
We expand and diversify the distribution reach with easy access to tech-enabled partners at no CapEX. Our platform’s flexible validation and transformation processes drastically reduce overheads and turnaround time. This helps you achieve your ambitions of expansion - be it within or across industries - by accelerating the process of involving financial products with ease.
Adopting Innovation
Adopting Innovation
Our simplified user journey creates a seamless cycle of communication between brokers, banks, or tech-enabled platforms, and the client seeking insurance services - thus providing innovation through all our platforms by boosting acquisition, renewals, and claims. We use standard protocol and API connectivity across Insurers & Products, while leveraging technological innovation every step of the way in our services.

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